Captain Miller Movie Review: Dhanush Powerful Fight for Freedom in a Gripping Story

Director Arun Matheswaran’s ‘Captain Miller’, starring Dhanush, and Priyanka Arulmohan was released on the Big screen on 12 Jan 2024. Let’s discuss in this article whether this movie is worth watching or not.

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Set in the pre-Independence era, the British are in search of ‘Miller’ (Dhanush), a former British soldier who has now become a vigilante. The villagers, feeling weary of Analeesan’s (Dhanush) mischievous behaviour, kindly request him to maintain some distance from them. Analeesan, now known as ‘Miller’ due to his involvement with the British army, has gone astray.

Captain Miller Movie Review

Captain Miller Movie Review
Captain Miller Movie Review

The Koranar deity is believed to be the protector of a small village in Tamil Nadu and its tribes for hundreds of years. The king and prince are interested in claiming the land of the tribes, which they believe rightfully belongs to them. Unfortunately, the villagers are suffering under the control of the king and his son, and desperately seek liberation from their oppression. Meanwhile, the British, upon hearing about the power of the Koranar deity, express a desire to bring it to England to please their king, similar to what they did with the Kohinoor. In a desperate situation, the local king reluctantly hands over the deity to the British. However, he also devises a plan to engage Captain Miller, also known as Analeesan (Dhanush), offering him money and the opportunity for the villagers to visit the temple in order to retrieve the deity. Will the Koranar deity be returned to the village? Or does Captain Miller have alternative intentions?

Captain Miller Movie Cast

DhanushAnaleesan “Easa” / Captain Miller
Priyanka Arul MohanVelmathi
Shiva RajkumarSengolan
Sundeep KishanCaptain Rafiq
Aditi BalanShakunthala
Edward SonnenblickAndrew Wandy
John Kokken(No specific character name)
Nivedhithaa Sathish(No specific character name)
Vinoth Kishan(No specific character name)

Captain Miller Movie Trailer

Before you decide to watch the “Captain Miller Movie” movie on Cinemas, check out its trailer first. The trailer gives you a quick look at the story, characters, and the suspenseful vibe of the film.


Captain Miller, at large, is a film that beautifully portrays the struggle for freedom, not only from British oppressors but also from other forms of oppression. It is a rare film that presents the perspective of an oppressed class in the fight for freedom. Dhanush showcases his versatility with three different looks in the movie and stands out among the talented cast. Fans of Dhanush are sure to appreciate the finely written mass scenes. Shivarajkumar, playing the role of Dhanush’s brother Sengolan, is a perfect choice and their on-screen chemistry is electrifying. Despite their differing causes, when they come together, it creates a powerful impact, particularly during the climax. Shivarajkumar’s appearance in the film follows a similar template as the jailer, but he has a significant role to play, adding to the intensity of the story. Dhanush is supported by an outstanding cast including Sudeep Kishan, Priyanka Mohan, Aditi Balan, John Kokken, Edward Sonnenblick, and Vinoth Kishan, who all shine in their respective moments, but it is Dhanush who truly steals the spotlight.

The movie may not lag exactly, but it is a bit slow considering the genre the filmmakers have chosen for the story, which is a poetic action film with impressive camera work. The first half can be quite testing for one’s patience, but the second half picks up with exciting action sequences. While Dhanush plays the lead role, composer GV Prakash Kumar truly shines as the hero of Captain Miller, as his fantastic background score brings in the emotions that are lacking in the film.

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