HanuMan Movie Review: A Desi Superhero With Indian Mythology

HanuMan Movie Review : HanuMan has been generating a lot of buzz lately for various reasons. The film is creating a significant impact and released during Sankranthi, alongside Superstar Mahesh Babu and director Trivikram Srinivas’ film Guntur Kaaram. This has further piqued our curiosity about HanuMan and the level of confidence the filmmakers have in it. Let’s discover whether their confidence is justified or not.

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HanuMan Movie Story

Hanumanth (Teja Sajja), a modest thief, transforms into a superhero thanks to a remarkable stone called Mani. He utilizes these extraordinary abilities to safeguard his village Anjanadri from malevolent forces. The antagonist, Michael (Vinay Rai), desires to acquire this Mani and exploit its powers as a Super Hero. The movie portrays the ultimate clash between good and evil, namely Hanumanth versus Michael.

HanuMan Movie Cast Performance

HanuMan Movie Review

Teja Sajja effortlessly embodies the character of Hanumanth, initially an underdog but later evolving into a superhero. He perfectly fits the role. Amritha Aiyer, as the love interest, delivers exactly what is anticipated of her. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar portrays the character of elder sister Anjamma, and the bond between her and her brother plays a significant role in the latter part of the story. The portions featuring the villain, Vinay Rai, fall short. Comedians Vennela Kishore, Satya, and Getup Sreenu have successfully executed their roles.


HanuMan is showcased on a large canvas with impressive technical features. Although there are some flaws in the writing, they are overshadowed by the captivating visuals and background music. The VFX deserves recognition.

HanuMan Movie Review

HanuMan is an incredible Desi superhero film that skillfully incorporates elements of devotion, action, emotion, and drama. Director Prasanth Varma cleverly incorporates light-hearted humor into the narrative, creating an enjoyable experience. The film beautifully presents a linear superhero story, captivating viewers with stunning visuals and impressive visual effects. Despite facing budget limitations, the VFX work in HanuMan is truly commendable . The blend of all these aspects greatly contributes to the success of this captivating superhero film.

At the beginning, the film carefully sets the scene and introduces the character Hanumanth (Teja Sajja) and the village of Anjanadri. As the story progresses, it becomes increasingly captivating. Director Prasanth Varma displays great skill in his storytelling, with thrilling moments that leave a lasting impression. In the first half, the director has successfully incorporated comedy, with the help of Satya and Getup Seenu. The humorous elements are well-received by families and children.

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